The School Minecraft Map

The Minecraft map includes a small town with a school, a theater and some other buildings. School on the MCPE card can be used for role-playing games, that would not limit you to the territory, many other kinds of other buildings were made, turning a map of school territory into a whole city. In the school itself there are many classes, as many as two floors. In the adjoining territory there is a theater, a forest park and a couple of houses. An ideal place for hide and seek. The urban area itself is quite large, there are even a couple of huge mansions with swimming pools. At your disposal is everything for a comfortable MCPE game. Explore the city, live in it, go to school. You can, of course, cancel classes at school, you just have to figure out how to do it.


  1. I hate this game cause I try ed to play and I needed money and data I don’t recommend this game sorry sos

  2. There is nothing bad about and and ya of course you need minecraft to have it because it’s a server built to be downloaded in onto minecraft

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