Our selection in a cubic style Minecraft and its clones

Today’s selection of games on such a favorite game like Minecraft and its clones. Similar games in Google Play a large number, we will try to show you the most attractive projects in gameplay, and the level of interest.

In today’s compilation of Minecraft and its clones entered products such as Minecraft – Pocket Edition, Block Fortress, Survivalcraft, Block Story, and iLands. For the selection we used the materials of the site playondroid.com, for which they are thankful!

Minecraft – Pocket Edition is one of the most popular toys for Android, which came to us from the PC. The game is almost not changed, and we are still waiting for complete freedom of action and a vast world that’s easy to adjust using your imagination. The game consists entirely of cubes, but this does not prevent her from being beautiful and unusual: the sun, mountains, sandy beaches and many other facilities that make the game great.

The game has two modes: survival and creative. They differ quite sharply from each other, so briefly about each, you will learn below. In survival mode, you will fight for their lives against local zombies in the dark. Build a shelter, dig a huge pit and prepare traps. You can then create the arms and then to rule the world you will begin.

The creative mode does not contain hazards. Need to roam the world, look for exciting areas and begin construction. In the game you have no limitations, grab and go. You can build anything, anywhere, what matters is the imagination!

The main feature of the game is the possibility of mining resources that you may use to create new items, weapons, houses, etc. the Game is distributed solely on a fee basis, the cost is not small, as many as 430 rubles, but for the money you will get a full Minecraft which is used on a PC.


  • A full world without any restrictions and rules;
  • Easy management;
  • Quality design;
  • Designed physics;
  • Interesting and addictive gameplay;


  • Significant deficiencies were noted.

Block Fortress

Block Fortress – oddly enough, but it’s an action game with elements of strategy and even role-playing games. Along with an unusual mix of genres the game has an excellent cubic graph.

In the game, there is no plot or story. We are just on the island where you must build a base and build defensive structures because soon you are attacked by monsters. After the towers are made, you need to take an active part in the battles, destroying monsters with a massive gun.

All locations and models in the game are made in a square style. The artists tried very well, as drawn they are every little thing. Animations and effects on the level and look good.

In total, the game has four modes, three of the single, but with different conditions, but the fourth offers us to play with friends on the Internet. You can also gather resources, build buildings and do all kinds of things. The paid game, you can buy it at the price of 87 rubles, but the developers have managed to add to her donation.


  • Quality design levels;
  • Four game modes;
  • Original gameplay;
  • Easy management;
  • The built-in multiplayer.


  • The presence of Donati in a paid game.


Survivalcraft – is an adventure activity, which, in fact, is a copy of the favorite game Minecraft. In the game, we have to play for the man, thrown on an island crawling with dangerous animals and other creatures.

Control of the game is in the first person. In the left part is a joystick for turning, and the right to travel. The graphics in the game, as it should be, made in a cubic style, which, incidentally, is the main feature of the game. To do well in this game we will be building.

Do not forget about the extraction of resources. To raise the necessary support, you must click on the object then it will appear in your inventory. All the collected funds can be converted into objects. For example, ax, spear, bow, etc. items. Build new buildings and try to survive on the scary island. A free version of the game – this is a demo where you can try the game with all the features, but real locations you will have to pay 230 rubles.


  • Huge world;
  • Freedom of action;
  • Easy management;
  • A lot of enemies;
  • A massive number of items.


  • Significant deficiencies were noted.

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