Furniture mods for Minecraft

Download this collection and you will have a huge number of beautiful and best and interesting furniture right here now and absolutely free. Installation is very simple, just one click – and you are already playing with your favorite mods on Mayncraft. Each mod has a brief description and screenshots from the game. Play with your friends! With our application you can install various mods for minecraft pe absolutely free. You can easily download them all in one click and play even without using the internet! Our mods build supports such versions of Maincraft as + and higher!

After all, there is nothing better than to fall apart on comfortable furniture and relax after a hard day of mining.

These mods add the best decorative elements with which you can decorate your house in Maincrafter. New decorative products will add to your home a certain realism. All the items are made very high quality, beautiful and realistic. Also this mod adds more than a dozen different scenery, each of which does not make sense. Using the same decorating furniture, you can create two or three different types of rooms, combining decorative furniture with different types of other furniture (including standard furniture).

How to get furniture?

The entire range of new furniture you can get in the inventory of creative mode. Our mod allows you to decorate your house, kitchen, bedroom and living room with new and useful elements of comfort and comfort, which there was so lacking in Mayncraft, the mod is available in absolutely all versions of Maincraft. The game now has more than 100 types of furniture and equipment that will be simply irreplaceable for you to complete the complete picture of a cozy home.

You can buy a couple of new bookshelves or a desk or even a car, a library, a kitchen and a bathroom! Our mod differs from others in that it adds something new and unique.

Short list of available items:

Table (can be created from any tree)

Book table


Bedside table

Armchair with wool (any color)




New stove

Extractor hood





A computer

Door bell

Christmas tree and New Year’s gifts!

For a long time there was no normal fashion for furniture for Minecraft 1.0.3 – and this one came out, from an unknown author earlier. As for the variety of furniture, it is enough to modestly furnish the room. You can admire the sunset lying on a deckchair and listen to the sound of the surf or just sit by the fireplace in a cozy armchair. You can sleep furniture with the help of spawn eggs, which in turn can be obtained in creative tools.

To move furniture it can be pushed, or destroyed and reinstalled already in another place. Also, there is very little furniture to decorate other rooms, but I think that this situation will improve as soon as developers expand the possibilities of add-ons.

Of the furniture is:

Beam = Pig

Birch stool = Skeleton

Office chair = Skeleton-Extinguisher

Acacia chair = Zimnegor

Red chair = Creeper

Bar stool = Svinozombi

Stool = Husk

Purple pillow = Resident

Deckchair = Witch


-Easy installation

-Daily update

-All known fashion in one place

-This card supports all versions of Minecraft, such as and others.

-All our apps are absolutely free.


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