Blockman GO : Multiplayer Games

Welcome to Blockman GO! Blockman GO is a free application that allows you to play various mini-games without having Maincraft. You can go to any mini game with your friends absolutely for free!

Main functions:

☆ Mini games ☆

Play a variety of mini games without Minecraft. Beautiful textures, huge maps, lots of different games and much more are waiting for you!

☆ Custom Skins ☆

The 4D skin decoration system represents a player to choose a player a large number of decorations of different styles. Here you can try clothes of different types. Gorgeous, simple, elegant or pretty kinds of ornaments. The system will also provide you with the most suitable decoration for already purchased clothes. Hasten to join this holiday of fashion, and become a star now!

☆ Chat System ☆

Blocky Mods for Minecraft provides players with the chat function. You can send a message to a friend, also create a group. Form a team and share your gaming experience!

☆ Jewelry for different sexes ☆ After creating the account, the system will provide various decorations according to the selected gender!


    • I dont like the graphics and Pls add split controls because im not very use to normal controls so pls add it

    • I like it but why can’t I go back to my facebook account and customer service doesn’t respond.

    • WOW JUST wow to be honest this is abit better than minecraft loved it and dont let mine craft sue ya

    • I might given this app 5 stars but i want split controls and an update that in zombie infecting zombies can get guns and shoot soldiers but the soldiers should not get infected and should get harmed

    • Dude I can’t believe it I watch some awesome YouTubers like Bajan Canadian and prestonplayz and now I get to play the same games without paying hellz yea

  1. The game was pretty cool and awesome but why do I need vip to change my skin color and my game pic

    • There some people who keeps coming too other ppls builds and destroys in build battle pls fix it

    • I love this game but sometimes when I play games like bedwars my teammates break wool so I fall in they kill me just for diamonds and emerald they are very bad I want that there game delete

    • Love it the only problem I have is when it says there is no user data when I want to play a game but its still good

    • I like the game but there’s some problems when I try to claim my prize it fails when I try to wear stuff it fails when I try accepting request it won’t let me please fix this and I’ll give it a 5

    • I played this game in 7 days later I liked it. I also won too much I tried to change and it wanted to let me login.

    • I love it! Its just like a real minecraft!!! But, it seem everybody dont like play in the game seriously -_-

  2. We need update to the zombie infecting. We need soldier zombie they can get guns and kill soldier and they have dark green caps

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