5 games in Minecraft Style on Android

Картинки по запросу minecraft

Minecraft is very popular game, that there is a reason. It allows gamers to take in huge worlds, collect resources, craft items, build structures and defend ourselves from enemies. This thought-out concept and visual image in retro style spread in the gaming industry, defining the genre of the construction of worlds.

Below are five interesting games with the hallmarks of Minecraft is its own original elements. If you like to explore large and randomly generated worlds and change them for themselves, they should you like. And if not, there’s always Minecraft itself!

  1. Roblox

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    Roblox is a fantasy world in which you have to dwell with the other blocky characters. You can take part in different activities like paintball, manage pizzeria, battles with pirates and zombies, mini-games. World building plays a major role, as in Minecraft, but the number of mini-games and other possibilities in Roblox makes an exciting multiplayer game. You can send messages and participate in chat with other players for planning joint activities. If you like traveling around the world, you will like Roblox as a more “civilized” alternative to Minecraft.

  2. Blockheads

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    Blockheads is a sandbox game with block form and spirit of Minecraft. There are to explore, produce, engage in crafting and build objects in a large and detailed game world. A full temperature and climate system, the changes of the seasons, the equator, the snow-covered poles, a system of caves, water bodies, deserts and snowy mountains. Have to deal with the randomly-generated world, serving the basic needs – getting clothes, food, shelter, sleep, craft items from found resources, such as precious stones and metals, rare plants and animals. You can build a boat and sail across the ocean, guided by the night sky.

  3. Terraria

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    Terraria – quality alternative to Minecraft where each world is unique, whether it’s floating in the sky island or the deepest dungeons. You can travel to the edge of the Earth, fighting on the road with hostile bosses. The game contains more than 1,300 recipes of crafting weapons, armor, potions and other items. There are more than 450 types of enemies and 20 bosses, hundreds of different units, dozens of habitats with dynamic water and lava, day and night.

  4. Growtopia

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    Growtopia – a platformer-sandbox massive multiplayer game where you can build many objects, such as houses, dungeons, write music, pictures and create puzzles. Have to operate with millions of gamers, play mini-games like parkour battle one on one, capture the flag and racing. Grow trees from seeds, trade items, explore the worlds of other players, chat and listen to original soundtracks.

  5. On My Own

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    On My Own – a game, where you have to balance between the purity of nature and the need to struggle for survival in it. You need to search for food, create useful objects, to adapt to the change of seasons. There are four “biome” for research, illustrated in a retro style with modern effects and an original soundtrack.

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