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As in the original Minecraft, players version Pocket Edition get into the landscape of a variety of cubes. Players “drip” (Mine) these cubes and can then use them to create (Craft) of buildings and objects, hence the name of the game.

Pocket Edition comes in two modes: Creative and Survival. In creative mode, players can fly around the game world and build using an infinite supply of materials. Gameplay mode “Survival” is somewhat different. In the daytime, you can build above the ground (stacking blocks to build castles, bridges and so on), and at night there are monsters that attack players and can even destroy their creations. In the game there is no history, your only advantage in an inherently hostile environment is creativity.

First impressions

Even for the experienced player of Minecraft, some aspects of Pocket Edition running on the tablet will breathe new life into the game. Entry into battle with a detachment of skeletons in the dead of night and frenetic pressing on the screen seem exciting and dangerous. During the construction of my first home, I didn’t want to leave the game.

Pocket Edition looks great (in its own way, square splendor) on mobile devices, and offers very responsive control. Even with 15 other apps running in the background and graphics of the level of “Fantasy” you will notice only minor stuttering when you glide across the landscape very quickly in creative mode. For example, running on an old Samsung Galaxy S III, Minecraft PE only slightly heated phone. Survival, which connects the AI for the monsters, only a few times showed a deceleration, but nothing that would force you to interrupt gameplay.

It’s a shame that in periods of darkness in the game, smudges on the tablet screen become especially noticeable. Not a big problem, but the content of the screen becomes even harder to parse.

Looking around

Pocket Edition is the mobile traditional control scheme using the direction arrows and a jump button in the center. Pressing and holding the forward button, along with buttons to the side, allows you to shift while driving. It is a welcome addition came in version 0.6.1, and lets the character move much more dynamically. It also allows you to spin around enemies during battle.

In order to interact with the world, you select blocks with your thumb and press/hold for setup/extraction. And when you get the material around your finger, a circle appears which is populated with the breakdown of the block, at the end you also get a signal in the form of vibration. Excellent management! Experienced players will notice that the blocks can be extracted and put much further in the Pocket Edition compared to the PC version, which somewhat simplifies the mobile version of the game.

Purists could try “Separate Management” available in the options menu. This form of control returns to the center of the screen with the mouse by changing the functionality of the control. However, it creates an awkward feeling of emulation games from a PC without a mouse, the initial touch control is much more convenient.

Creative mode has a slightly different interface, which gives players access to the “Palette” that contains every unit from the game. Players can also fly, which was very uncomfortable in previous versions but was fixed as of 0.6.1.

One of the strengths of the Pocket Edition is a seamless work with a multiplayer mode, provided that all players are in the same Wi-Fi network. Players can move from their world into the world any other player that makes it easy to start playing with friends. However, the game lacks commands-prohibitions. If you are concerned about griefing (vandalism and destruction from other players), don’t forget to keep your Pocket Edition world hidden.

Unfortunately, Pocket Edition players cannot connect to multiplayer servers Minecraft PC.

Joy of labor

Minecraft Pocket Edition


Production and creation are the defining characteristic of Minecraft, where everybody has to work. You’re starting from scratch, you have to collect materials even on the first tools to enable you to collect more building materials. Work can be tedious, but it is also responsible for the deep level of satisfaction in the game.

Pocket Edition sometimes helps in the management for a better mobile game experience. If your character is approaching the ledge, he jumps on it and will automatically float on the water if you move forward. And while it may seem that this automation is contrary to the spirit of Minecraft, we have to admit that it works perfectly on the mobile platform and is the only correct choice.

The most annoying feature of the pocket version of Minecraft for free, it becomes the Minecraft Advanced Touch Interface System (MATTIS) crafting. Instead of arrange the available materials in a particular configuration, from which it will be convenient to convert them into objects or tools, as is done in the PC version, players Pocket Edtition simply choose what they want to make using the scroll menu, and then deducted the materials. Crafting player crafting in a workbench and even a unique block Converter used MATTIS.

And this decision just feels too “simple”, it eats up part of the thrills and satisfaction in the discovery of new recipes. The fact that Minecraft came without any documentation or precious guidelines the players had to learn, even to explore a variety of options to reach the goals in the game. Now you just select the menu item and can’t count on the same feelings. There is its own special magic: it’s just menu navigation. Given the delicate controls, which was developed by the company, I think Mojang can do better.

What is missing?

Minecraft Pocket Edition


This is especially important for experienced Minecraft players. Pocket Edition is not the original Minecraft. You will not be able to continue the development of its PC-world of Minecraft on your tablet, because it’s not a direct port of the PC game. Several key minerals do not exist in Pocket Edition, no red Dust, which is used to create electrical connections in the original game. Charms, potions, and books are not found in Pocket Edition. There are no extraordinary animations of the explosion, unusual structures, or even the sun in the sky.

Edge – a hell of exaggerated reality Minecraft another omission in the portable version of the game. However, the Region is also one of the unique features the Pocket Edition, in this version, there is a “Reactor Region”, which returns an additional element of the world in Minecraft. If you can’t go to Edge, then Edge will come to you.

You also can’t see the name of the material or band strength in the inventory. Thus, you will not be able to choose a tool which has the normal margin and not fall apart after one hit. And although mobile device management system is getting better, it’s still not perfect, you can always inadvertently destroy something.

The most important for experienced players and fans of Minecraft – Pocket Edition doesn’t generate infinite worlds. Yes, worlds pocket version of Minecraft are great, but you can explore them fully without much effort. A limited world also means limited resources, so miners who are planning seriously to invest their time in the handheld world of Minecraft, you have to be careful in relation to non-renewable resources like coal.

All at once?


The computer version of Minecraft first went on sale while still in beta, after which the developer offered new opportunities for players. Minecraft Pocket Edition follows a similar path, debuting on Android unfinished product and regularly supplemented.

This may sound like an attempt to rationalize, in fact, an unfinished product, but many aspects of Minecraft is a great and complete in this game. Remember that this is a creative game, the incompleteness of which can lead to amazing creative breakthroughs, and regular updates to maintain the freshness of the game.

Get ready to craft!

Pocket Edition is a direct port of Minecraft. Instead, the game tries to move the game on tablets and phones of the fans. Given the fact that I did not want to stop the game, Minecraft Pocket Edition has come very close to this goal. If you are looking for ways to implement your imagination and want to kill time with a tablet or phone Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android is a good solution.

Like: a Great experience of mining and crafting. The game looks and plays great. Incredibly simple and accessible multiplayer mode. The continuous development.

Don’t like: the Game is not as deep as the PC version. Some elements of the touch controls seem unfinished. There is no possibility to connect to the computer game Minecraft.

Verdict: Minecraft — Pocket Edition is a brilliant port Minecraft on tablets and smartphones. This game, besides the fact that runs on Android, getting better and better with each update.

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